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About us...

Since “The Flood” we have been working as a small group to be able to come to the assistance of our neighbors.  Loretta Martens got a grant from the Sunrise Rotary club in Estes Park to purchase a repeater and the necessary assorted components.  Mary and John Nolan have very generously allowed us to put the repeater and antenna on their RV garage that is located on Elkridge Drive.  The repeater allows the Glen Haven hams to have communications with the other hams in the entire Glen Haven area and also the hams in Estes Park.


Kayle Nelson from the Larimer County Emergency Preparedness office has given us a grant to purchase a fixed/mobile radio and antenna that is normally housed in the Firehouse.  At the present time, we are taking this radio out into the field for training purposes.  The radio may be used in any vehicle with a mag-mount antenna and the 12 volt battery from the vehicle to provide emergency communications.  We can move this radio to any location in the entire Glen Haven area.


The Estes Valley Amateur Radio Club has been a very valuable resource to us.  They have taught two different classes for the residents in the Glen Haven area, and presently we have 14 licensed hams in the Retreat, and four additional licensed hams in other locations in Glen Haven.  Every Thursday evening at 6:30pm, the Estes Park hams activate their emergency radio station that is located in the Estes Park hospital (Estes Park Health).  They take a few minutes and ask for the Glen Haven hams to check in.  The purpose of this exercise is for the Glen Haven hams to correctly learn how use their radios, and to also ensure that their radios are functioning properly.  It is important that we do this every Thursday so that in a real emergency we can be of assistance to our neighbors.


Many of our neighbors are part-timers and are only here on weekends.  With this in mind, the Glen Haven hams get on their radios again on Sunday mornings at 8:00am for an informal on-the-air meeting using our radios and the repeater located at the Nolan’s RV garage.  Once again, it is practice for any future real emergency.


The Retreat hams want to be assistance to their neighbors.  If we have another emergency and we lose all forms of communications then Ham radio will work when all other forms of communications fail!

If you are interested in becoming part of the ham operator group, please contact: 

Dick Lightner

918 Streamside Drive



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